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Teaming up with the creative team at AKQA, we produced the images for Mike's Guaraná, focusing on the essence of appetite appeal and the real fruit flavors. Our studio's expertise shone through as we crafted a series of photographs that captured the product's essence. Each shot and motion were carefully curated to visually represent the unique and fresh feeling that Mike's Guaraná offers.

Our dedication to detail extended to the creation of stop-motion animations, where every frame was photograph to highlight the unique attributes of Mike's Guaraná. Through our collaborative efforts with AKQA, we brought the product to life in different stop-motions for every digital media and mantaining the still shot appetite appeal.

In addition, our team at Pict Studio played a crucial role in managing the diverse deliverables required for the campaign. From print advertisements to digital banners, we ensured that our file deliveries were user-friendly, with separated layers, allowing all teams involved to create various media while maintaining consistency across all touchpoints.