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A lot of thread, sewing needles, nails, and good hours of planning. It was with this energy that we took on the responsibility of bringing the agency MOMA's project to life for WaveKnit by Mizuno. PICT was invited to produce panels, made in String Art, to reinforce the product's concept, which is 100% fabric, combining the necessary technology for long-distance training, comfort, and impeccable aesthetics.
Tênis Mizuno Waveknit sobre a mesa do escritório


Throughout the Waveknit campaign, which carries the concept "Design that inspires performance," the pieces always come with a map as the background of the product. The maps, drawn and then sewn along with the sneakers, follow the proportions of real maps from three areas in well-known running regions in the Brazilian cities of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and Belo Horizonte.

Gif com o processo de transformar o mapa de São Paulo em String Art
Gif com o processo de transformar os mapas das cidades de Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte e São Paulo em String Art
KV me mídia Out of Home no Rio de Janeiro
KV me mídia Out of Home em São Paulo
KV me mídia Out of Home em Belo Horizonte
GIF do KV que muda entre o tênis real e o feito com String Art


With the entire project mapped out, we projected its design onto the base of the final piece and marked each point that, when sewn, would form a street or avenue. For each type of line, different stitches were used: lines at the base level, lines that go at the height of the nail heads, among others, thus differentiating the various roads on the map.


Seeking to create the closest link with the real product, we studied different solutions for the weaves of each of the seams on the real product.


Another responsibility of the studio was to photograph the products to be used when the piece's proposal involved the exhibition of the real sneakers.